Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

Below you’ll get answer to questions we get the most from students who are applying for a course.

Have Any Questions?


Our team is glad to help you with your questions. Here are some queries we get frequently get from students.

There are no restrictions based on age, gender etc. Our courses are available to students and working professionals and everyone alike.

You need to register for a course first and pay the required fee and then you’ll get an admission number. That’s it, you can learn your new course.

For learning advanced programming courses it’s better if you have any previous programming experience. But don’t worry if you are a beginner our team explains the concepts at beginner level so everyone can understand easily.

Of course, you can take any number of courses simultaneously unless your previous course timings intervene with your current course.

We support all types of Payment systems. You can pay us either in cash or via any digital payment platforms  like GPay, PayTM, PayPal, PhonePe, NetBanking etc

You need to wait until 15 days after completion of your course. Our team informs you as soon as your certifcate gets ready.